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06/18/2019 Geotech Participates in 2019 DOE ASP Annual Training Workshop

Geotech Computer Systems, Inc., attended the DOE Analytical Services Program (ASP) Annual Training Workshop, in Denver, July 16 – 18, 2019.For over 10 years, the ASP Annual Training Workshops have provided continuing education for ASP participants, most importantly by serving as the only consistent program specific training opportunity for all levels of participation in the DOE Consolidated Audit Program, to include the newly implemented laboratory accreditation program. The workshop provides opportunities to learn best management practices, new programmatic changes, QSM updates, and lessons learned from across the DOE complex, and with the programs intergovernmental and private commercial industry partners.

Some of the Workshop Topics were:

  • DoD/DOE Quality Systems Manual Updates
  • Data Validation
  • Laboratory Proficiency Testing
  • Laboratory Waste Management

Dr. Dave Rich, President of Geotech, attended this workshop, manned an exhibit booth, and gave a presentation authored by Dr. Dave and Russ Wendell, Senior Developer at Geotech. An abstract of this presentation, Data Management and Validation Workflow is below.

The amount of data being gathered on DOE investigation and monitoring projects is growing at ever increasing rates. Action levels are becoming more varied and stringent, leading to more exceedences, and expectations for using the data are growing rapidly. The importance of maintaining data quality through the data management process, and especially detailed and efficient data validation, remains of utmost importance. The need for efficient tools for managing lab and field data for water and other matrices is clear. Tools such as affordable GPS receivers, field data entry devices, target levels (MCLs) available in digital form, and readily available base map data, are making it easier to manage most or all project data without resorting to paper. This presentation follows the data through the data management process from the field to the final uses of the data, with a particular focus on data validation. It also discusses problem areas and pitfalls in running a data management project, and how to overcome them. Cost savings of 50% or more along with significant improvements to quality can be documented, resulting from more efficient data management and display.

6/27/2019 Geotech is proud to introduce Enviro Data 8 and Enviro Spase 8!

If you are familiar with Enviro Data and Enviro Spase, you know the time savings and quality improvements from implementing a structured environmental database management system. If you aren’t familiar with this software, Enviro Data stores and displays environmental quality data, such as field and laboratory data for water and soil. Enviro Spase runs within ArcGIS, and helps you display your environmental data on GIS maps. And now this powerful system is easier and more affordable than ever!

Below are just a few of the enhanced features in Enviro Data 8:

General –
Both 32- and 64-bit Office compatibility
Updated Editor and Viewer menu screens for easier navigation through the program features

Editor –
Greatly decreased import times
Updated and expanded Validation module with enhanced flexibility for flagging

Viewer –
Much faster data retrieval and reporting
Customizable Excel templates for the Crosstab Wizard

Below are just a few of the enhanced features in Enviro Spase 8:

Rewritten in .net for Arc 10.5 and up
Full logging system to help with troubleshooting, especially data problems

For more information on the new Enviro Data 8 and Enviro Spase 8, call Dr. Dave Rich at 303-740-1999, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to showing you all the new Enviro software features soon!

5/13/19 - Geotech Attends Annual DOD Environmental Data Quality Workgroup

Geotech had a strong presence at this year’s Annual DOD Environmental Data Quality Workgroup, held at the Shades of Green Resort in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Dave Rich, President of Geotech Computer Systems, Russ Wendell, Director of Software Development, and Walter Wood P.G., Manager of Customer Software Support, were all in attendance this spring. Dr. Dave presented a paper titled, “Data Management and Validation Workflow”, in the session titled, “Data Validation and Usability”. This talk was attended by over 200 chemists, data validators, and other environmental folks. It was a very interactive presentation, with Dr. Dave presenting slides on Geotech’s Enviro Data validation software, and fielding multiple questions from Data Validators in the audience. Some of the many other presentations given this year were: “Data Validation/Data Usability”, presented by Brian Jordan, US Army Corps of Engineers, and “Data Management Training”, presented by Allyson Charbonnet, Aerostar. Both of these last two presentations were given by clients of Geotech Computer Systems, and users of the internationally renowned Enviro Data and Enviro Spase software.

3/8/19 – Dr. Dave Rich Attends AEHS Trade Show

This year’s West Coast show was hosted in San Diego, CA, and was the 29th Annual Soil, Water, Energy, and Air conference. Dr Dave was part of the Remediation Partners session this year, and presented a slide show titled, “Managing Environmental Data from the Field to the Map”. A few of the other talks given by the Remediation Partners were: “Impacts of Site Characteristics on Anaerobic Bioremediation Efficiency for Chlorinated Solvents”, presented by Richard Raymond, Terra Systems, Inc. and “Addressing Contaminated Ground Water to Surface Water Discharge: Application of In-Situ Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRB) to Limit Migration of PFAS”, presented by John Collins, AuqaBlok, Ltd.

10/25/18 – Environmental Lounge – “Environmental Data Management

Dr. Dave gave a one-hour remote presentation on “Managing Environmental Data From the Field to the Map” to a group of people attending the Environmental Lounge, a monthly organization sponsored by American Public University and National Association of Environmental Professionals, that presents environmental topics to people in the environmental industry and education. Tim Kendzia, Geotech’s Client Sales Representative, organized this presentation and invited all the attendees. Dave’s presentation was very well-received, and much interest in improving data management was expressed.

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10/15/18 - AEHS East Coast Conference 2018

The AEHS Foundation held its 34th Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water and Energy, in Amherst, MA, October 15 – 18, 2018. The show was sponsored by many well-known exhibitors such as: Mass DEP, CDM Smith, Shell Corporation, Remediation Partners (which includes Geotech Computer Systems, Inc.), AECOM, EPA, Arcadis, and many others. There were also 140 Presenters, 50 Poster Sessions, and 9 Workshops. Remediation Partners gave six Presentations, some of which were: “How to Compare the Real Cost of Anaerobic Substrate Applications”, by Dick Raymond of Terra Systems; “Managing Groundwater and Other Data from the Field to the Map”, by Dave Rich of Geotech Computer Systems; and “Successful Completion of a Major Design-Build Upland and Sediment MGP Project”, by Steven Laszewski, Foth – GBWI. All attendees were invited to afternoon and evening social events, which were greatly enjoyed, and allowed them to share information on new and successful environmental technologies.

9/19/18 – CGWA Annual Meeting of the Membership

This year’s Colorado Groundwater Association Annual luncheon meeting presentation was titled, “Volunteer Sampling of Privately-Owned Groundwater Wells to Assess and Display Groundwater Quality in Six Colorado Western Slope Counties”. The talk was presented by Holly Miller, an environmental engineering graduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder, with an interest in groundwater and hydrology. Holly uses GIS to visualize groundwater chemistry data and educate public audiences about the groundwater quality of private drinking water wells. This meeting was hosted by Golder Associates, an environmental company in Lakewood, CO, and was attended by Dr. David Rich, President of Geotech Computer Systems, Inc.

8/28/18 - Tim Kendzia Joins Geotech’s Sales Team

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, and a concentration in community and regional environmental planning, Tim Kendzia heads up Geotech’s sales team, bringing with him a wealth of environmental knowledge for selling Geotech’s Enviro Data and Enviro Spase products and services.  Tim’s field experience in hydrology, field monitoring, laboratory instruction, wetland delineation, stream restoration, and his familiarity with ArcGIS, surveying, soil and water chemistry, remote sensing, etc., give him a deep understanding of the data management needs of chemists and geologists across the globe.

8/28 – 8/30/18 – Dept. of Energy Analytical Services Annual Training Workshop

This two-day workshop in Las Vegas, was well-received by attendees this year. Geotech was a sponsor of the workshop this year and met many current and future clients at our booth. Dr. Dave attended many of the Training Sessions, some of which included: “What the Heck am I Looking at?,” a presentation that provided the basics on the treatment processes at Radioactive Waste facilities, and gave a better perspective on what kinds of waste are treated at the different facilities, basic mechanics of the treatment systems, and what by-products and waste products are created. Another Workshop Dave attended was the “Data Quality Workgroup”, where future roles, responsibilities, membership, and participation of this group were discussed. Managing data accurately and efficiently was affirmed as a critical piece of the DOE program of the future.

8/16/18 – LNAPL Transmissivity and Hydraulic Recoverability Presentation

The US Army Corps of Engineers – Denver Regulatory Office, hosted two GEI consultants, an Environmental Project Manager and a senior Geologist this month who spoke about the basics of LNAPL transmissivity field testing/analysis, method applicability, national regulatory acceptance, and practical case studies. Dave Rich attended this meeting, and spoke with many attendees, including current Enviro software clients, over lunch, about how Enviro Data and Enviro Spase can manage the data that is extracted from these processes.

6/22/18 - Dr. Dave Attends GEE Field Days

Dave Rich, President of Geotech Computer Systems, Inc., gave a Platform Presentation at the Geotech Environmental Equipment Annual Field Days, again this year. The title of Dr. Dave’s talk this year was, “Managing Groundwater and Other Data from the Field to the Map”. This talk documented how cost savings of 50% or more can result from more efficient data management and display, and can provide a high return on investment for software purchases, staff training, and data conversion. For a copy of Dr. Dave’s Presentation, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

6/18 – 6/22/18 – Training Trip for Santa Clara Tribe

The Santa Clara Pueblo in Albuquerque, NM, is one of Geotech’s long-time Enviro Data users. We are proud to say that they have been successfully using Geotech’s products and services since 2008. This month, Geotech’s chief developer, Russ Wendell, made his annual visit to the Tribe and worked with its two main database managers to help them set up their sample events, manage their lab and field data, and generate their output. We look forward to our annual visit to The Santa Clara Tribe for many more years to come.

6/7/18 - Geotech highlights service offerings

Training - While most of our clients get training on the Enviro software as they are getting started, we’re finding that, with staff turnover, position and project changes, etc. some companies are struggling with untrained users. We are happy to provide “remedial” training to help solve this problem.

Customization - We had a client who needed a second regulatory limit line on the Graph display to show MCLs for two different seasons. With a couple of hours of programming, they now have exactly what they need. On the other extreme, we have built complete sub-systems for specific needs that can’t be satisfied by existing software.

Data loading - We help clients build their databases in a number of ways. Often we help clients migrate data from existing databases, either in competing products, or in-house proprietary systems. We’ve done this so often that we have built semi-automated “wizards” to speed up the process. Some clients have us load their data on an ongoing basis, downloading EDDs from their lab, loading them into their database, and then reviewing the quality of the data. Especially this time of year, many clients are overtaxed, and struggling (or failing) to meet deadlines. If this problem involves data management, Geotech can help.

Output generation - We have some clients that have us generate their reports on a regular basis for them to submit to their clients and regulators. One client had us generate a set of 2D and 3D displays to help them and their client understand a complex site.

We encourage you to reach out to Geotech to discuss how we can make your data management life easier.

5/15/18 – Geotech exhibits at TCEQ

Dr. Dave represented Geotech at this year’s Texas Commission on Environmental Quality trade show in Austin, TX. Geotech Computer Systems (GCS) shared a booth with Geotech Environmental Equipment (GEE) at this year’s show. There were many interesting and educational Tracks at this year’s event, including: “Lab Practices and Data Reporting”, “Introduction to Environmental Regulations”, and “Waste Remediation”. There were over 1,600 exhibitors at this year’s show, and an even larger number of attendees. Dr. Dave got to speak with many current and future clients.

4/30/18 – Dr. Dave Travels to Omaha for Trade Show

In April, Dave Rich again attended the S.A.M.E. Industry Day which is traditionally held in Omaha, NE. Some of the most interesting talks included: “Strategic and Critical Materials in SE Nebraska: The Elk Creek Superalloys Project” and “Engineering solutions for the Nation’s Toughest Challenges”. The talks were interesting and thought-provoking. The Corps has been a client of Geotech since 2003, and the Omaha District has successfully implemented Enviro Data on many of their projects.

4/19/18 – “2018 UPDATE – Colorado’s Recognized Environmental Professional (REP) Program”

A presentation on the new REP program took place at this year’s April RMAEP luncheon. REP’s will replace Individual Listed Consultants effective January 1, 2018. Prospective REP’s will need to have an approved application and pass a regulatory proficiency exam to become an REP. The purpose of the REP designation is to better align decision-making responsibility between OPS, environmental consultants and responsible parties by identifying environmental consultants who can demonstrate decision-making experience on releases to the environment. Listed companies will remain as such by virtue of having at least one REP. Many Geotech clients are included in this REP list. This presentation provided much-needed information and was well-received by all attendees, including Geotech.

4/9/18 – Department of Defense Conference

The annual Department of Defense Environmental Monitoring and Data Quality Workshop was held in Orlando, FL., this month. Geotech was represented at this conference by Dr. Dave Rich. Some of the session topics this year included, “Data Quality and Forensic Determination”, “Data Validation and Usability”, and “Data Management”. This conference is largely sponsored by the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Air Force Civil Engineer Center, and Naval Sea Systems Command. The conference was held this year at the beautiful Shades of Green Resort.

3/19/18 – AEHS Trade Show

Once again, the AEHS show was a huge success in San Diego. This was their 28th Annual International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air. Geotech and the other members of the Remediation Partners, again sponsored an exhibitor booth. This year there were 200 presenters, 23 sessions, 9 workshops and 50 exhibitors. One of this year’s workshops, presented by Remediation Partners, was titled “Environmental Ethics: A tragedy of the Commons Perspective”.

2/28/18 – RMAEP Meeting

“Effects of Oil and Gas Development on Water Resources in Colorado” was the title of this month’s lunch presentation by the Rocky Mountain Association of Environmental Professionals. Professor Joseph Ryan, the presenter of this talk, and Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder presented an overview of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in the Denver-Julesburg Basin in northeastern Colorado, and the effects of oil and gas development on air and water resources in the Rocky Mountain region. This talk was well-attended and produced a lively discussion during the luncheon. Dr. Dave Rich has guest-lectured in Dr. Ryan’s class at C.U. Boulder.

1/29/18 Geotech Releases Enviro Spase 8

Geotech’s popular Enviro Spase software has been rewritten in .NET, and no longer requires VBA Compatibility for ArcMap, so it is now compatible with ArcMap 10 and up. Changes to the software makes it more robust in dealing with missing client data, which in the past would have caused problems. The software has greatly enhanced error trapping to help identify and troubleshoot problems. Finally, there are a number of small improvements throughout the user interface and the code. This is the first release in the new Enviro 8 suite. Enviro Data will soon also have a new release, called Enviro Data 8, that will have many new and revised features. Stay tuned.

1/17/18 – Geotech Attends CGWA Luncheon Presentation

The title of this month’s talk was: “A Tale of Two Porosities: Exploring why contaminant transport doesn’t always behave the way it should”. The Speaker was Dr. Kamini Singha from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden. She earned her B.S. in Geophysics from the University of Connecticut and her Ph.D. in Hydrogeology from Stanford University. Dr. Dave Rich, Geotech Computer Systems, Inc. attended this lunch presentation and learned much about hydrogeological systems.

10/15/17 – Dr. Dave Attends UMass Soils Conference

Geotech Computer Systems again this year participated in the UMass Soils Conference in Amherst, MA as a member of the Remediation Partners. Dr. Dave collaborated with other members of this group to present a talk titled, “Managing Data for Dynamic Site Conceptual Models”. This year, Dave also spent some time driving around the East Coast visiting many current and prospective clients in Portland and Manchester, NH, and Framingham, MA.

7/26/2017 – Enviro Software Receives Excellent Reviews By Users

Hil Lassek, a Database Administrator at Whetstone Environmental stated, “The flexibility of the software along with its ease of use is its greatest feature, usually two conflicting goals. The database is beautifully designed and technical support is excellent. The Viewer tool exports our data in Excel crosstabs, making for easy analyses by us and our clients – all of which is easily configurable. We also appreciate how Enviro Data exports the data that can be easily imported into other software for statistical analysis. The cost cannot be beat. In short, Enviro Data makes storing and exporting the data easy so that we can focus on the analysis.” He gave the software a 5 out of 5 rating on Overall Quality, Ease of Use, Customer Support, Features/Functionality, Value for Money, and a 10 out of 10 rating for Likelihood to Recommend.

Jill Libby, an Environmental Scientist with Tighe & Bond replied, “We have just started using the program, and it is already saving us time, money, and resources. I really enjoy that anyone at the company can learn to use it. Users don’t have to be computer pros. It is very effective that I can figure out issues or discrepancies on my own and don’t have to call customer service every time there is a glitch.” She gave the software a 5 out of 5 rating for Overall Quality, Customer Support and Value for Money, and a 4 out of 5 for Ease of Use and Features/Functionality.

Clark Short, a Geochemist with INTERA, Inc. said, “Best bang for the buck in environmental data management”. He gave the software a 5 out of 5 rating for Value for Money, and a 4 out of 5 rating for Overall Quality and Customer Support, and an 8 out of 10 rating for Likelihood to Recommend.

Sara Taylor, a Database Manager with Woodard & Curran said, “I like the import data procedures. The available import specifications are helpful when dealing with multiple data providers.” She gave the software a 5 out of 5 rating for Customer Support and Features/Functionality, and a 4 out of 5 rating for Overall Quality, Ease of Use and Value for Money, and an 8 out of 10 rating for Likelihood to Recommend.

Bill Rice, a Staff Geologist with Trinity Source Group replied, “The software is very adaptable, and the product team can support client needs quickly and they are very helpful. It reduced overall costs by reducing labor for some tasks.” He gave the software a 5 out of 5 rating for Customer support, and a 4 out of 5 rating for Overall Quality, Ease of Use, Features/Functionality, and Value for Money, and an 8 out of 10 for Likelihood to Recommend.

7/20/17 – RMAEP Luncheon Presentation

This month’s Rocky Mountain Association of Environmental Professionals presented a talk titled, “Learn to Love the Corps a Little More: Changes to the New Nationwide Permits”. Dave Rich represented Geotech Computer Systems, Inc. at this talk. The Topics discussed at this meeting were: “What are the Nationwide Permits”; “Summary of the final rule published on January 6, 2017”; “What’s in the 2017 Nationwide Permit final rule?”; and “Conditions for the 2017 Nationwide Permits”. Some of the subjects included in the discussion of these Topics were: “Endangered Species Act Compliance”, Surface Coal Mining Activities”, and “Living Shorelines”. There is much to learn about these new permits. A very lively discussion followed the presentation. The Corps of Engineers has been a Geotech client for many years.

5/18/17 – Ultra High Resolution Site Characterization & CSM Development

The Rocky Mountain Association of Environmental Professionals hosted the above-titled talk at their monthly meeting in May. The talk was presented by TJ Grisel with Aestus, LLC. Mr. Grisel has been an environmental scientist and traditional environmental consultant for ten years. He spent much of his career working on petroleum hydrocarbon remediation projects. Mr. Grisel and Aestus share the belief that environmental site characterization can be greatly improved using the “scan first then drill” approach that is standard practice in the medical and oil/gas industries. Some of the benefits of this method are: Faster cleanup at lower cost; Know where to drill wells and eliminate “drilling blind”; Know where to target remediation efforts; and others. This presentation was well-received by attendees and prompted many questions. Dr. Dave saw many long-time friends and business associates here.

5/15/17 – Texas Environmental Trade Fair and Conference

The TCEQ was once again held at the Convention Center in downtown Austin, TX. Geotech Computer Systems, Inc. shared a booth with Geotech Environmental Equipment again this year. As in most previous years, this conference had over 1,600 exhibitor booths and thousands of attendees. Some of the many topics discussed at this year’s show were: Water Quality, Used Oil, Toxicology, Solid Waste Permits, and many others.

4/17/17 – Geotech Attends the Department of Defense Environmental Monitoring & Data Quality Workshop

Dr. Dave Rich attended this year’s EMDQ Conference in Phoenix, AZ. This year’s conference was very well attended and had many interesting Sessions, which Dr. Dave attended. Here are a few of them: “Understanding the Role of Sewer Preferential Pathways in Vapor Intrusion”; “Collecting Data Costs Money – Is its Value Worth its Cost”; “Environmental Data Management on FUDSChem for USACE Jacksonville District FUDS Projects”; & “Using the HAPSITE as a Vapor Intrusion Investigation Tool”. The talks were very informative, and Dave met many longtime clients and other business associates at this year’s Workshop.

3/16/17 – RMAEP March Presentation

This month’s Rocky Mountain Association of Environmental Professionals hosted a talk titled, “An Aerial Perspective on environmental UAS (or Drone) applications”. The speaker was Jeff Popiel, President of Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. Jeff’s company, Leptron (a subsidiary of GEE) designs and manufactures patented unmanned quadcopter and helicopter platforms which are remotely piloted with advanced ground station products in the US. Leptron is focused on projects where collecting sensor data is necessary to protect people and the environment. This talk was very interesting and very well-attended. Geotech Computer Systems, Inc. was among the many technical companies in attendance.

3/15/17 – Colorado Groundwater Association presents, “An Overview of the DWR Map Viewer and Data Products from the Colorado Division of Water Resources”

Chris Brown, GIS Coordinator of the Colorado Division of Water Resources, was the speaker for this month’s presentation. Chris has worked in the water field for over 17 years in both the public and private sector. He is also the State Steward of the National Hydrography Dataset for Colorado and is interested in applying GIS to both groundwater and surface water issues in Colorado. The Water Information Team for the Colorado Division of Water Resources disseminates data in a number of different formats. Their DWR Map Viewer is one of the interconnected platforms they use to provide data to the public. The data used in the viewer comes directly from Hydrobase, DWR’s water database, and connects to their Well Permit Search and CDSS websites to provide the user with seamless access to DWR’s data and imaged documents. Geotech Computer Systems, Inc. was well represented at this presentation.

3/7/17 – Geotech attends REMTEC

This year’s REMTEC show was held in Denver, CO. Geotech Computer Systems, Inc. shared an exhibit booth with Geotech Environmental Equipment, also a Denver company. Some of the other exhibitors attending this event were: Geosyntec Consultants, Regenesis, Terra Systems, Woodard and Curran, and Tersus Environmental. Some of the presentation topics included: Upstream Oil and Gas Environmental Issues; Key Developments in Site Investigation and Environmental Monitoring; How to get Defendable Data; and Technology Development, Transfer and Regulatory Acceptance. Dave Rich manned the booth for Geotech Computer Systems, and spoke with both existing and prospective clients in attendance. All the talks and the exhibits were well attended.

2/16/17 – “Draining the Experts on Discharge Water Permitting”

This was the topic for the February presentation of the Rocky Mountain Association of Environmental Professionals (RMAEP). There were four speakers that discussed the above topic: Margo Griffin, Environmental Protection Specialist with Water Quality Control Division of the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment; Bennett Buchsieb, Environmental Services with Evoqua Water Technologies; Mark Korzenecki, Business Development Manager Evoqua Water Technologies, Wastewater on Exchange; and Cathy Swanson, Business Development Manager with Evoqua Water Technologies. The presentation covered: 1) The “five steps” necessary to ensure that contractors obtain the right permit for each particular activity; 2) Behind the scenes glimpse at how permit applications are reviewed and processed by the Water Quality Control Division; 3) Highlighting the current challenges in meeting strict discharge permit limits; and 4) Options for treatment technologies and applicability. Geotech President, Dave Rich, attended this technical presentation.

11/9/2016 - Geotech Attends Aquifer Storage and Recovery Presentation

The Colorado Ground Water Association sponsored a luncheon meeting and talk this month titled, “Denver Basin Aquifer Storage and Recovery”. The talk was given by Cortney Brand of Leonard Rice Engineers, Inc., and was held at Geotech Environmental Equipment’s facility in Denver. The presentation discussed field data collection methods and how the understanding of the DB aquifers underlying the City and County of Denver is improving with additional subsurface data. Dr. Dave of Geotech attended this very informative presentation.

10/17/2016 - Dr. Dave Speaks at UMass Trade Show

Geotech’s President, Dave Rich, once again attended the Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water and Energy in Amherst, MA this month. This year there were 140 Presenters, 9 Workshops and 50 Exhibitors. Geotech once again this year shared a booth with the Remediation Partners Consortium, and Dave gave a talk titled, “Managing Data for Dynamic Site Conceptual Models”. Sponsored by the AEHS Foundation, this show is always very educational and well-attended.

10/7/2016 - Annual Chili Cook-Off Another Success

Geotech Environmental Equipment sponsored their Annual Chili Cook-Off this evening. Their staff, business associates, and friends and family attended, partook of all the chili contest entries and socialized. The kids loved the face painting, and newcomers enjoyed touring the GEE facility. Geotech Computer Systems’ management team attended these festivities and had a wonderful time.

9/22/2016 - RMAEP Sponsors Happy Hour

Rocky Mountain Association of Environmental Professionals (RMAEP) sponsored a Happy Hour this evening at 1UP Lodo, in downtown Denver. Geotech’s Presdent, Dave Rich, attended, and met up with some longtime business associates, and some new prospective clients. A good time was had by all!

9/22/2016 - Software Training for Geotech Environmental Equipment

Dave Rich presented two Enviro Data software training sessions this month to the sales staff of Geotech Environmental Equipment, one of our business partners. The pizza lunch presentations were well-received, and provided valuable insight into how to sell Geotech Computer System’s world-renowned environmental database management software.

6/23-24/2016 - Dr. Dave Speaks at Annual Field Days

Once again this year, Geotech Environmental Equipment sponsored its Annual Field Days in Denver, CO. Geotech Computer Systems’ sales team sponsored a booth this year, and Dr. Dave presented a talk titled, “Better Data Management for Better Site Conceptual Models”. As always, the talks, equipment demonstrations, camaraderie, and food and drinks were all wonderful, and enjoyed by all attendees.

6/16/2016 - RMAEP Presents Updates on Soil Remediation Technologies

Rocky Mountain Association of Environmental Professionals, held a luncheon meeting this month, featuring a talk on Soil Remediation Services. Geotech’s Dr. Dave attended this presentation and learned about all the latest technologies being used in soil remediation.

4/20/2016 - CGWA Sponsors Luncheon Meeting

The Colorado Ground Water Association held a luncheon meeting at Geotech Environmental Equipment’s offices this month, to discuss new rules being considered for water-supply wells, monitor holes, monitor wells and geotechnical test holes. This information was presented by Kevin Donegan, Senior Hydrologist of the Hydrogeological Services Group of the Division of Water Resources. Geotech Computer Systems attended this informational meeting.

4/11/2016 - DoD Workshop Features Enviro Data Software

Dave Rich attended the 2016 DoD Environmental Monitoring & Data Workshop, held this year in the Robert A. Young Federal Building in St. Louis, MO. The EDQW Principals this year were: US Army Corps of Engineers, US Air Force Civil Engineer Center, and Naval Sea Systems Command. Many sessions were held during this three-day workshop, and of special interest was the session titled, “Environmental Data Management on USACE, Omaha District Projects”, which featured Geotech’s Enviro Data database management software. The three-day session ended with a tour of the Test America laboratory in St. Louis, and a Cardinals baseball game. All events were well attended, and enjoyed.

3/21/2016 - Dr. Dave Rich Features Enviro Data Software at Trade Show

Geotech again attended the Annual International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air in San Diego, CA this year, March 21 – 24. We also had a booth at this year’s show, along with more than 40 other vendors attending this year’s West Coast show. Some of the Session Topics were: Bioremediation, Chemical Analysis, Environmental Fate and Modeling, GIS/Data Visualization, Innovative Remedial Technologies, and many others.

3/6/2016 - Geotech Attends Waste Management Trade Show

In early March, Dr. Dave Rich, Geotech’s President, attended the Waste Management Symposia 2016, held in Phoenix, AZ. Geotech had a booth in the Small Business Pavilion again this year, and Dave co-authored a talk titled, “Maintenance of Maywood Laboratory Operations Support during Contractor Transition and Replacement of the Project Databases”. The talk was presented by Brian Tucker, and was one of many talks in the “Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP) and US Army Corps of Engineers Projects” session. The talk was well attended and many questions about the logistics of replacing outdated database systems were fielded by Dave and Brian.

10/19/15 - Geotech Attends “Soils, Sediments, Water & Energy” Trade Show at UMASS

Remediation Partners Group had a booth again this year at the annual “Soils, Sediments, Water & Energy” trade show, sponsored by the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Geotech Computer Systems has been a member of this group for a number of years, and shared the booth with them again this October. A talk titled, “Better Data for Better Site Conceptual Models”, and written by Dr. Dave Rich of Geotech; James Cummings, USEPA; and Joseph Quinnan, ARCADIS, was presented at this year’s show. The talk was well-attended, and many questions were asked about this up-and-coming topic. This presentation can be downloaded from, or you can contact Dave Rich at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

9/16/15 - Corps of Engineers Meeting

Dave Rich met with the Corps of Engineers in Omaha, NE this month, to review their current use of Enviro Data and Enviro Spase in their district, especially relative to the new FUDSCHEM database. The Corps has successfully been using Geotech’s software for several years, and states their database management has been greatly improved since they adopted this software.

6/25/15 - Annual Field Days

Geotech Environmental Equipment, headquartered in Denver, hosted its annual Field Days conference and trade show again this year. Geotech Computer Systems had a booth at the show, and President Dave Rich presented a paper titled, “Better Data for Better Site Conceptual Models”, co-authored by Dave Rich; James Cummings, USEPA; and Joseph Quinnan, ARCADIS. In a nutshell, the paper suggested two changes be made to the site conceptual model, 1) more thoroughly involve input from geologists in creating the original model, and 2) the site conceptual model should be a dynamic, rather than a static document. If you would like more information on this presentation, please contact Dave Rich at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or it can be downloaded from this page..

5/21/15 - RMAEP Meeting

The topic of this month’s meeting was: “Civil and Criminal Liability, and Risk Mitigation” for corporate officers and their associates. The presentation was given by Christopher J. Neumann, who is a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control enforcement matters. Chris assists clients in development of environmental management systems or other compliance programs. Chris is the chair of the Colorado Solid and Hazardous Waste Commission where he has served for 10 years. He received his B.S. in Engineering and Environmental Science from the University of Notre Dame. Dr. Dave Rich attended this presentation and gleaned much knowledge from it, and also enjoyed chatting with a fellow Notre Dame graduate. Dr. Dave received his B.S. in Geology from the University of Notre Dame, and his M.S. and PhD from the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana.

4/28/15 - Atlanta Geological Society

Geotech’s President, Dr. David Rich, flew to Atlanta this month to give at talk titled, “Gathering, Managing, and Displaying Site Environmental Data Using Automated Tools”. The talk was sponsored by the Atlanta Geological Society, and was held in the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. There was a social gathering prior to Dr. Dave’s presentation, and at the conclusion of the talk, many geologists discussed with Dave how Enviro Data and Enviro Spase could help them in their specific careers.

3/15/15 - Waste Management Symposium

This year’s Waste Management Symposium (WMS) was held at the Phoenix Convention Center, and ran for four days. Geotech Computer Systems had one of over 150 booths at this year’s show. A few of the other exhibitors included: Fluor Corp., GoldSim Technology Group, AECOM, Premier Technology, Inc, and ALS Environmental. This show usually attracts over 1,000 attendees, and is considered the premier international conference for the management of radioactive material and related topics. WMS provides all attendees with a forum for discussing and finding cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions for safe management and disposition of radioactive waste ad radioactive materials. Many attendees were interested in how Enviro Data and Enviro Spase (Geotech’s products) could help them do a better job of managing the data they receive from their waste sites.

3/2/15 - RemTEC Summit 2015

The Remediation Technology Summit took place this year at The Westin Westminster Hotel in Denver. Geotech had a booth at this year’s show, with Dave Rich, President, attending. Other exhibitors included – ARCADIS; EOS Remediation, LLC; Geotech Environmental Equipment; Matrix Environmental, and many more. Some of the talks this year included: “Advances in Site Investigation and Environmental Monitoring”, “Advances in NAPL Source Zone Characterization and Remediation”, and “Long Term Management of Complex Sites”. Well over 1,000 attendees participated. This was another very successful show for Geotech, resulting in several new clients for the company.

2/15/15 - SME & CMA Annual Expo

Jay & Mike, from Geotech Computer Systems, shared a booth with Geotech Environmental Equipment at the joint Society of Mining Engineers and Colorado Mining Association’s Conference, at the Denver Convention Center this month. This event showcased the latest opportunities, innovations and developments in the mining industry. The best and the brightest in this industry were in attendance at this show, and GCS was able to present and demonstrate our software solutions to them in person. With over 800 booths and thousands of attendees, many networking opportunities took place.

1/15/15 - Battelle Conference in New Orleans

Dave Rich, President of Geotech, shared a booth with Geotech Environmental Equipment this year at the Eighth International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments, in New Orleans. This conference was a forum for sharing experiences and opportunities toward the goal of remediating, restoring and maintaining the environmental and economic vitality of waterways. The program reflected the growing knowledge that better management of contaminated sediment systems is the key to success. Geotech’s Enviro Data and Enviro Spase software fit in well with the many solutions being discussed during the entirety of this conference.

1/14/15 - Geotech Attends CGWA Winter Gathering

Geotech started this year out by two of our salespeople, Mike and Jay, attending the Colorado Groundwater Association talk titled, “Greenland’s Environment, Culture, and Economic Development: An Overview”. Being the largest island in the world, Greenland holds about 10% of the world’s fresh water and consequently plays a critical role in the world’s hydrological cycle and sea levels. Trade-offs between economic development in energy and minerals versus environmental controls in Greenland were the topic of the presentation, and discussion for the attendees, during the prime rib dinner that was served this evening.