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Every year, Geotech is very active in attending trade shows, large and small, attending environmental meetings and group discussions, giving talks, conducting trainings, and participating in technology groups throughout the US. Below are Press Releases describing the many ways Geotech is involved in advancing environmental technology throughout this industry.

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6/23–24/2022 - Geotech Computer Systems Attends Geotech Environmental Equipment Field Days Trade Show

This is only the second Trade Show that Geotech Computer Systems, Inc., has attended since 2020. It was very good to be physically at a Trade Show again! This show was sponsored by GEE, and held in the GEE plant in Denver. Dave Rich, President of GCS, manned the Geotech booth, and saw many friends, clients, and longtime business acquaintances there. Many companies and Associations were in attendance this year, such as In-Situ, Rocky Mountain Association of Environmental Professionals, Colorado Environmental Management Society, and others. Many talks were given at this year’s show. “Electrical Resistivity for Groundwater & Environmental Investigation” was a talk given by Dr. Jeff Fitzgerald of Bryant Consultants. Dr. Dave Rich, of Geotech Computer Systems, Inc. presented a talk on “Advancements in Environmental Data Management & Display.” GEE Field Equipment was on display throughout this 2-day show in Denver, and GEE graciously provided food at the Breakfast and Luncheon Lectures. It was wonderful to attend an “in-person” Trade Show again. Hopefully many more to come in 2022!.

5/10-11/2022 - Geotech Attends the TCEQ 2022 Trade Show

After two years of canceled trade shows due to the Covid pandemic, the environmental venues are beginning to open up again and Geotech went to its first in-person trade show in over two years.  Dave Rich, President of Geotech Computer Systems, Inc. attended the TCEQ Trade Show in Austin, TX, May 10 – 11, 2022, and also shared a booth with Geotech Environmental Equipment.  There were over 1700 vendor booths at this year’s show, and over 3,000 attendees.  A few of the exhibitors having booths were:  AECOM, Environmental Standards, Inc., Geosynytec Consultants, Ramboll US Consulting, Tetra Tech, and many others.  Many educational presentations were given throughout the two-day show.  Here are a few of them: Waste Management: Industrial and Hazardous Waste; Lab Practices and Data Reporting; Waste Management: Industrial and Hazardous Waste; Compliance Assistance and Enforcement; and many more.  This show was a great success, and attendees were all in agreement that they look forward to many more trade shows in the near future.

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