New Features Overview Enviro 8A


Geotech is proud to introduce Enviro Data 8 and Enviro Spase 8! If you are familiar with Enviro Data and Enviro Spase, you know the time savings and quality improvements from implementing a structured environmental database management system. If you aren’t familiar with this software, Enviro Data stores and displays environmental quality data, such as field and laboratory data for water and soil. Enviro Spase runs within ArcGIS, and helps you display your environmental data on GIS maps. And now this powerful system is easier and more affordable than ever!

Here are just a few of the new features in Enviro Data & Enviro Spase     Ask for FREE Software Demo! 

Enviro Data


  • Both 32- and 64-bit Office compatibility
  • Updated Editor and Viewer menu screens for easier navigation through the programs features
  • New web-based getting started guide, rewritten user documentation and FAQs
  • Updated tutorial and tour
  • New option to E-mail for help on menu screens
  • Expanded field size for parameter names and other fields
  • Main Menu removed to save steps


  • Much faster import times
  • Additional Fields for Samples and Analyses information in Enviro Data 8 Data Transfer Standard
  • Stations import has ability to assign stations to station groups
  • Ability to assign data to validation projects through the Import Wizard
  • Updated and expanded Validation module with more flexibility on flagging
  • Multiple validation program setup capabilities, easier setup and data review, additional reporting
  • New manual data entry utility with custom sample number generation options
  • New NJ HAZMAT, ERPIMS lab file, FUDSCHEM, and other imports
  • New “Disposal Data” utility and reports for removal projects
  • New global “lookups library database” feature


  • Much faster data retrieval and reporting
  • Extremely fast Quick List feature for large data retrievals
  • Additional result formatting and “Value and Flag” options
  • New Crosstab Wizard statistics and formatting options (bold detected values, etc.)
  • Now can display statistics on regulatory limit exceedances
  • Customizable Excel templates for the Crosstab Wizard
  • Enhanced on-screen graphing capabilities
  • Enhanced hardness-dependent and pH-dependent calculated regulatory limit reporting
  • New Excel Statistics exports
  • More options for handling of non-detects
  • More reg limit options such as text color, bold, underline, italics, superscripts
  • Simplified Value and Flag formatting options by both lab and validation flags
  • Ability to prioritize “Reporting Basis” output formats
  • More flexible handling of number of decimals
  • New Access graph reports
  • New graph exports - percentile and frequency plots, scatter plots with comparisons to regulatory limits
  • New “Summary of Fractions” export to Excel with comparison to regulatory limits
  • New ERPIMS lab file, FUDSCHEM, MRR, and PARCView exports
  • New regulatory limit export to Enviro Spase with multiple reg limit colors, bolding, etc.

Enviro Spase

  • Rewritten in .NET for Arc 10.5 and up
  • Now registered as a standard extension
  • More options for regulatory limit display
  • Greatly enhanced error trapping for problem data
  • Full logging system to help with troubleshooting, especially data problems
  • Display of results showing multiple regulatory limit exceedences