Enviro Data for the Web

Geotech's Enviro Data software is rapidly becoming the preferred desktop and client-server software for managing lab and field data for water, soil, air, etc. Now this powerful yet easy-to-use software makes it easy to deliver your environmental data over the web.

Enviro CloudManageAzure

Geotech has helped many of our clients set up host-based systems for delivering the complete Enviro Data interface across the Internet, for internal and external users. This option, which can be implemented a number of ways, including in the "cloud" using Microsoft Windows Azure, is good where identified users need the full software functionality.

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Enviro Data Web Access

This new tool lets you or your clients easily select and display data managed in Enviro Data inside a browser. This interface can be easily customized to suit project your needs and is good where you need to provide simple selection and display capabilities to a large number of users.

Select Data form in Enviro Data Web Access

Selected Data

Click here for a demo of this new ASP.NET implementation that runs in a browser. Note: If you have some difficulty logging in, try using a different browser as security setting vary from one individual computer/browser to the next.

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