New Features Overview Enviro 8

June 3, 2019


Here are just a few of the new features in Enviro 8.   Ask for FREE Software Demo! 

Enviro Data


  • Both 32- and 64-bit Office compatibility
  • Updated Editor and Viewer menu screens for easier navigation through the programs features
  • New web-based getting started guide, rewritten user documentation and FAQs
  • Updated tutorial and tour
  • New option to E-mail for help on menu screens
  • Expanded field size for parameter names and other fields
  • Main Menu removed to save steps


  • Much faster import times
  • Additional Fields for Samples and Analyses information in Enviro Data 8 Data Transfer Standard
  • Stations import has ability to assign stations to station groups
  • Ability to assign data to validation projects through the Import Wizard
  • Updated and expanded Validation module with more flexibility on flagging
  • Multiple validation program setup capabilities, easier setup and data review, additional reporting
  • New manual data entry utility with custom sample number generation options
  • New NJ HAZMAT, ERPIMS lab file, FUDSCHEM, and other imports
  • New “Disposal Data” utility and reports for removal projects
  • New global “lookups library database” feature


  • Much faster data retrieval and reporting
  • Extremely fast Quick List feature for large data retrievals
  • Additional result formatting and “Value and Flag” options
  • New Crosstab Wizard statistics and formatting options (bold detected values, etc.)
  • Now can display statistics on regulatory limit exceedances
  • Customizable Excel templates for the Crosstab Wizard
  • Enhanced on-screen graphing capabilities
  • Enhanced hardness-dependent and pH-dependent calculated regulatory limit reporting
  • New Excel Statistics exports
  • More options for handling of non-detects
  • More reg limit options such as text color, bold, underline, italics, superscripts
  • Simplified Value and Flag formatting options by both lab and validation flags
  • Ability to prioritize “Reporting Basis” output formats
  • More flexible handling of number of decimals
  • New Access graph reports
  • New graph exports - percentile and frequency plots, scatter plots with comparisons to regulatory limits
  • New “Summary of Fractions” export to Excel with comparison to regulatory limits
  • New ERPIMS lab file, FUDSCHEM, MRR, and PARCView exports
  • New regulatory limit export to Enviro Spase with multiple reg limit colors, bolding, etc

Enviro Spase

  • Rewritten in .NET for Arc 10.5 and up
  • Now registered as a standard extension
  • More options for regulatory limit display
  • Greatly enhanced error trapping for problem data
  • Full logging system to help with troubleshooting, especially data problems
  • Display of results showing multiple regulatory limit exceedences