Animated Visualization for a Remediation Project

Recently Geotech assisted a client on their project to remediate a former dry cleaning site. Over the years various consultants had gathered quite a bit of soil and water data, looking for a number of constituents, notably TCE (trichloroethene) and PCE (tetrachloroethene). They wanted a better understanding of the contaminant distribution prior to installing a remediation system. They sent their lab and field data, to Geotech, who put it into an Enviro Data database, and provided a basemap. Some wells were missing elevations, so Geotech estimated the missing elevations using Surfer from Golden Software ( and the known elevations of other wells. Then Geotech used Voxler, also from Golden Software, to model the soil and groundwater concentrations in two aquifers. The client was pleased with the results, and said the displays were helpful and informative. The models also highlighted where they needed to obtain more data to better understand the project.