How is Enviro Data different from a LIMS?

We are often asked about the relationship between a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and our Enviro Data software. In general, the role of a LIMS is to generate data and Enviro Data to use the data. For the most part, Enviro Data is “downstream” of the LIMS, that is, it ingests data from the LIMS, organizes it, manages the quality, provides a data repository, and then outputs it into formats useful to the project staff such as reports, graphs, maps, etc. In many cases, the LIMS in used by and located in the laboratory, while Enviro Data is located in and used by data consumers, such as consultants, agencies, industrial companies, and so on.

There are some exceptions. Some smaller labs don’t have a LIMS system but use Enviro Data’s data entry and export features to fulfill their needs to organize, store, and output data. Other labs have a LIMS, but its output capabilities are limited, so they use Enviro Data to create some specific export formats such as ERPIMS for the Air Force and SEDD for the Army and EPA, as well as various state, city, and EPA regional formats.