Would you like to try out Enviro Data for free?

Geotech offers a full, working version of the software Enviro Data software that will run for 7 days. This  allows you to use the Tour and other features to learn how Enviro Data works. THere is also a Tutorial contained in the Doucmentation. Both the Tour and the Tutorial use the sample database contained with Enviro Data. Upon request, we can provided you with a code that would enable it to work for a total of thirty days.

Geotech can also evaluate any current databases you have to determine how they can be imported into Enviro Data. 

Geotech will be glad to provide you with this free trial of the software. We strongly recommend that you allow us to provide a web demonstration of the software prior to your trial, so you will get the most of your time while you are going through the trial. For more information on the free trial, visit our Download Information Form.