Software Use and Licensing

Enviro Data is licensed either Single Use or Concurrent Use. Single use is for one user and computer. We also offer a Viewer Only license for end users who only need to view or output reports and do not need the ability to edit or import data.

Concurrent Use can be installed on as many computers as you wish, and as many people can use it at once as you have purchased licenses for. This is true of both the full software and the Viewer Only.

Enviro Spase is currently licensed only for Single Use.

All licenses are perpetual.

Geotech will be glad to provide you with a free trial of the software. We strongly recommend that you allow us to provide a web demonstration of the software prior to your trial, so you will get the most of your time while you are going through the trial. For more information on a free trial, visit our Download Information Form. 

To use Concurrent Use licensing, install the lock file in a folder (usually on a server) that is visible to all prospective users. This file, called GCSLicense.mde, keeps track of how many licenses are in use. For a virtual machine (VM) it can be placed in the Enviro folder. For more than one VM, it must be placed on a shared drive. For a SQL back-end, either would be fine. You need to record where the file is located so if you need to add other users you will know the location. If you cannot locate the license file you can open the file GCS.lic in another computer’s Enviro Data directory, C:\Enviro\Edata8, using a text editor like Notepad and you will find the location of the license file there. However, when doing this be careful not to change anything and close this file without saving it.

From this point on, when you open Enviro Data, a record will be written to the license file indicating that one license is in use. When you close the program, that record is marked returned. If you need to use Enviro Data away from the office, you can “check out” a license so you can use Enviro Data while not connected to the network but until this license is checked back in, it will not be available to any other users.

The lock will allow for occasional overuse of your licenses for emergency situations. However, if you abuse this privilege, this will no longer be available.

If you have purchased or upgraded to Concurrent Use licensing, contact Geotech technical support if you need help in installing and setting up the lock file.

To setup a user, or after installing Enviro Data on a new computer, close both the Editor and Viewer, then in the Enviro/EData8 folder, find and delete the file named “eKey.lck”. Re-open the Editor or Viewer and the setup license form will open. Use this form to point the computer to the lock file installed above.

If you need to add or change licenses, see the documentation under Concurrent Use Licensing.

Enviro Spase is provided under a perpetual, Single-Use license, for installation on one computer for one user.

To add licenses or change your type of license, follow the procedure below:

  1. Download and extract this utility that helps reset the license information.
  2. On every user's computer close the Enviro Data Editor and Viewer.
  3. Copy “ResetEDataLicenseInfo.accdb” to the desktop or any directory on the user computer and open the file.
  4. Click “Clear Enviro Data License Info”. This step clears all Enviro Data license information from the computer.
    clear concurrent license form
  5. Click “OK” when the confirmation message appears and then close this program.
    reset concurrent license

  6. Open Enviro Data and enter the new license codes at the top of this e-mail.
  7. Navigate to the license database when prompted.