Why Purchase Enviro Data

Geotech provides many ways to help you learn to use Enviro Data.

  • Live online training is available with every purchase of Enviro Data.
  • A self-guided Tour is included with the program. The Tour walks you through the both the Viewer and Editor using a sample database provided with the program. It takes about 60 to 80 minutes to complete for each of the Tours and they cover every day tasks like selecting data and entering data, preparing reports, and importing and exporting of data.
  • A number of documents are include with the program. These can be found in your C:\\Enviro\Edata2012 folder. They are:
    • Comprehensive 600 page plus documentation covering every feature of the program including a tutorial and getting started sections.
    • Short Getting Started overview of the basic features of the program.
    • Data Transfer Standard document to explain and document importing of data simple for both you and your laboratory.
  • This set of Frequently Asked Questions on our website to answer the most commonly encountered issues .

Geotech Support is available with purchase and our support team available to assist you with any questions or problems you might encounter when using Enviro Data. We utilize live online meetings using WebEx or Teams to respond to your questions or problems so we can show you how to accomplish a task, or we can walk you through it step by step.

Boot Camp from Apple (and other virtual programs) allows you to install Windows alongside OS X on your Mac. You can then run Office and Enviro Data under Windows. Only one operating system can be running at a time, so you’ll have to restart your Mac to switch between OS X and Windows.

Enviro Data is easy to learn and use. The menu-driven interface, and automation of many import and retrieval processes, makes it easy for the software to be used by project staff that may not be database experts. This is particularly apparent when comparing Enviro Data to other environmental data management products.

It is efficient. It is not unusual for clients to report time savings of up to 50% on data management tasks relative to the way they have done it in the past. They also report an increase in output quality due to more automated handling of the data.

It protects your data. The program is based on a fourth normal form database design, with built-in referential integrity checks, preventing orphan records and other common data problems. It also has mandatory automated consistency checks with correction assistance, so the data brought into the database is the highest quality.

It is powerful. The software, originally developed in 1996, has evolved significantly through years of daily use by many clients on a wide variety of projects, resulting in over 500 specific features. Yet the user interface hides much of the complexity, so you can use only the parts you need.

It is affordable. The cost for the software and services is less than competing products and is generally less than the operating overhead of many in-house systems.

It is scalable. Enviro Data is the only software of its type that scales easily from small projects in Microsoft Access to large projects with millions of records in Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

It is open. Enviro Data is provided with open source code and the ability to modify software objects, so your power users can make changes as necessary to satisfy project needs. And because you have complete control over lookup table values, it can easily handle a wide variety of data types - radioactivity, organics, metals, biology, geology, etc.

It’s tried and true. Clients have been using Enviro Data on all types of projects daily since 1996. While every project is different, most of the common issues in managing project data have been encountered before and resolved, based on project staff feedback.

You get the support you need. Geotech’s support is described as the best in the business by clients familiar with our support staff and that of other solutions. Training is provided upfront when you purchase. A built in Tour uses a sample database to show you how to use the various features. And, help is only a phone call or email message away with online help from knowledgeable professionals using WebEx or Skype.

Geotech offers a full, working version of the software Enviro Data software that will run for 7 days. This  allows you to use the Tour and other features to learn how Enviro Data works. THere is also a Tutorial contained in the Doucmentation. Both the Tour and the Tutorial use the sample database contained with Enviro Data. Upon request, we can provided you with a code that would enable it to work for a total of thirty days.

Geotech can also evaluate any current databases you have to determine how they can be imported into Enviro Data. 

Geotech will be glad to provide you with this free trial of the software. We strongly recommend that you allow us to provide a web demonstration of the software prior to your trial, so you will get the most of your time while you are going through the trial. For more information on the free trial, visit our Download Information Form.

Enviro Data can be run on the desktop, in the cloud using Azure, or in a web browser.

Enviro Data has more implementation options than any comparable system. And now you can take the power of Enviro Data and run it in the cloud. Using the robust Microsoft Windows Azure, Geotech can help you set up your whole database system in the cloud. You get all the benefits of Enviro Data, along with all the benefits of a cloud implementation. This means that you don’t have to install any software or data locally, with no need to deal with servers, your IT department, or other hassles. You can provide access to the software and data to others, without having to worry about distance, connection speeds, and so on. Your Enviro Data databases can be in Access or SQL server, depending on your needs.

We are often asked about the relationship between a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and our Enviro Data software. In general, the role of a LIMS is to generate data and Enviro Data to use the data. For the most part, Enviro Data is “downstream” of the LIMS, that is, it ingests data from the LIMS, organizes it, manages the quality, provides a data repository, and then outputs it into formats useful to the project staff such as reports, graphs, maps, etc. In many cases, the LIMS in used by and located in the laboratory, while Enviro Data is located in and used by data consumers, such as consultants, agencies, industrial companies, and so on.

There are some exceptions. Some smaller labs don’t have a LIMS system but use Enviro Data’s data entry and export features to fulfill their needs to organize, store, and output data. Other labs have a LIMS, but its output capabilities are limited, so they use Enviro Data to create some specific export formats such as ERPIMS for the Air Force and SEDD for the Army and EPA, as well as various state, city, and EPA regional formats.