Geotech provides a variety of products and services to address the data management, mapping, and analysis needs of our clients. Our products include Enviro Data to assist you with your data management and statistical analysis needs, Enviro Spase to display your spatial data in GIS, and Enviro Cloud to bring the Enviro software capabilities to the cloud, providing improved access and easier management than local implementations. While our software is used primarily for gathering, managing and displaying lab and field data for water, soil, and air, it is used for many types of data including chemical, radiological, physical, biological, and operations, along with supporting data such as regulatory limit (MCL) comparisons. Capabilities include sample event planning, data import, validation, data selection, reporting, graphing, and mapping.

Our software has been widely used for over 20 years for projects involving site investigation, soil remediation, groundwater monitoring, groundwater remediation, water quality monitoring, drinking water quality, water supply, wastewater, and municipal solid waste. Supported formats include SEDD, ERIS, ADR, eDMR2, ERPIMS, ADaPT, EPA WQX, EQuIS, Geotracker, and EPA Scribe. Data storage can be in Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Oracle. We also provide the best support in the industry, as well as training, customization, and data loading assistance.


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Easy and Efficient Display of Environmental Data in GIS


Management of your
Environmental Data in the Cloud

Enviro Data is a program for storing and displaying site environmental data. This powerful and intuitive software uses Microsoft Access for the user interface and Access, SQL Server or Oracle as a back-end database server. Enviro Data allows users to import analytical and other data from laboratory data files or printed reports, review the quality of the data, and then store the data in the database. The data storage structure (data model) has been carefully refined over many years based on our experience storing millions of records of environmental site data, and satisfies the rules of Fifth Normal Form data structure. The user can select data using a simple form-based query system to see just the data they need. They can create a printed report, save the data to disk, or copy it to the clipboard so they can paste it into another Windows program. The software allows display of graphs and maps of constituent data, and allows storage of data from many different sites in the same database. The latest version adds powerful data verification and validation features, as well as very flexible report formatting, and, with the Access front end, it is easy to modify the software for your specific project needs. Enviro Data is the easiest software of its type to learn and use, even for people who aren’t database experts, at a great price!
Geotech's Enviro Spase product makes it easy to display environmental data from Enviro Data on GIS maps. Enviro Spase (pronounced like “space”) runs within ESRI's ArcGIS (9.x or newer), and contains a set of Wizards to create different types of displays. The Callout Wizard draws data tables on the map with various options. The Stiff Diagram Wizard draws water quality diagrams at station locations. The StickLog Wizard creates boring log displays showing concentration levels and/or lithology. The Graph Wizard displays time-sequence graphs of multiple constituents on up to two scales. Enviro Spase is nicely integrated with Enviro Data's advanced features such as Value and Flag processing and Regulatory Limits, so you can easily and efficiently move your data onto your maps, providing the most useful information while maintaining a high level of quality. Enviro Spase lets you display your environmental data in a variety of ways to help better understand your project, and make better project decisions.
Now you can take the power of Enviro Data and run it in the cloud. Using the robust Microsoft Windows Azure platform, Geotech can help you set up your whole database system in the cloud. You get all the benefits of Enviro Data, along with all the benefits of a cloud implementation. This means that you don’t have to install any software or data locally, with no need to deal with servers, your IT department, or other additional steps. You can provide access to the software and data to others without having to worry about distance, connection speeds, and so on. Your Enviro Data databases can be in Access or SQL server, depending on your needs. You can provide several instances of Enviro Data for multiple users at once, all connected to the same database. Your cloud system is backed up with automated failover, so it will always be available. And we can help you set up a backup system to suit your specific needs. Many of our clients are migrating much of their software and data to the cloud, and Enviro Cloud makes a perfect database solution for this type of implementation.

If you have purchased another commercial data management program, Geotech has an Amnesty Program to help you recover the cost of purchasing that software when switching to Enviro Data. Geotech is also an authorized reseller of mapping and other graphics programs for other manufacturer. Call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.